1920s Nice Movies-The Legend of 1900

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   The Legend of 1900 by Italian famous director Giuseppe Tornatore launched in 1998, the famous director director of film, and this is the best love music movie of the director. But most people think that it is not only the love music movie, it like a wire, to cause our thinking of life and existence.
   The film tells the story of a baby abandoned in the first class of the "Virginia" was adopted named 1900, and grew up in the steamship as a famous pianist.When he left the ship at his feet, he felt deprived of his soul, so he returned to the ship when it sank and died at the bottom of the sea.
   The masterful director is naturally adept at arranging stories to enchant people, immersing them in reality and dreams.A lot of time and space memories are interwoven and become the most important link of the whole story narration, and become the main body of the story narration, which makes it more profound. At the same time of detailed narration, people can gradually find out the truth and find their own heart as if through the fog.At the same time, a variety of music, is also an indispensable part, although most music optimistic and brisk, but also a lot of sadness.Compared with visual impact, auditory baptism can bring people imperceptible emotional changes, which are perfectly integrated with the environment. Therefore, this is a successful music film, with both visual and auditory enjoyment, which is more real and shocking.
   That ship was more like a habitat for souls, an ivory tower that many people couldn't get; The land is more like a material life, full of temptations and benefits.The protagonist is to use life to protect the heart of the ship, ordinary and great.It wants to arouse people's thoughts on life, material and soul. Therefore, it is a good film with profound content, music and plot, which is highly recommended.If you like this movie, you can go watch it. And if you are interested in our profile, you can visit our website to register our website : https://www.metmeshop.com to discuss with us.back

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