1920s Nice Movies-The Artist

It's a 2011 French black and white romantic love silent film.Although it is a silent film,it is more practical, but it can exaggerate and magnify life with more exaggerated body movements and facial expressions, bringing a visual impact to the film.
The background music is also very classic, its best original music name: Ludovic Bource.It's so beautiful.
The story takes place in Hollywood from 1927 to 1932.In 1927,Hollywood's popular silent film star George Valentin was so successful.One time,He met his fan Peppy Miller, and Peppy loves Performance career very much, because of her hard work, she became a dancer in Kinograph Studio, and got the opportunity to work with George.
With the emergence of sound movies,Peppy became the new star.And the same time,George looked down on sound movies, directed his own silent film.But Pretty's movie became the biggest winner.
George lost all the things of his.He sets fire to the movie film after watching the movie the directed.Fortunately,Peppy got him, let the boss of Kinograph Studio Zimmer hire George be the new movie's Male lead.
At last, Zimmer watching George dancing and singing with Pretty together. Zimmer think it's great,and decided to shoot a song and dance film for two people.
The whole movie is full of the sense of the times in the 1920s. All costumes are classic and gorgeous,if you are also interested in it, and love the clothing-flapper dress.Have access to the website:https://www.metmeshop.com.

1920年装 - 梅特

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