1920s Nice Movies-Bullets Over Broadway

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It's a Criminal comedy movie directed by Allen Stewart Konigsberg (a famous actor, screenwriter, director),and starring by John Cusack and Dianne Wiest. Released in the United States on October 14, 1994.
The Jewish playwright David Shen insisted on creating "Art And Drama" and asked the director of Broadway theater, Zhu Da, to direct his own work. However, the box office could not guarantee that no one would be willing to invest in rehearsals. New York mafia boss Nick Valentino is bent on winning his thigh dance mistress Oliver and decided to invest in the theater, on the condition that Oliver starred in a role doctor.
David and the boss of the theater got investment then accept Nick's advice to hire excessive star Hellen and Warner to starring in import supporting roles.So a quirky crew was set up like this, the new director,the unwilling excessive female star, the decadent male star,thigh dance mistress,holding the dog's heroine and the bodyguard Cheech,it means this is a extraordinary story.
Soon,the file crew appears a lot of disagreements, and everyone wants to modify the script.This time Cheech propose which David don't want but others likes it and David leaves.
In the evening, the people of the file crew hold a birthday party of David, and David catch Cheech's advice.Then the audition in Boston was also very successful, but Oliver's performance still so bad.Unexpected, Cheech wants to save the drama to kill Oliver.David's wife Alan noticed his relationship with Helen, and David refused to recognize her, and the two broke up.
Before the drama, David admitted to Helen’s relationship, Alan told she tell David that she is also afflicted with an "artist" friend of David.At night,Nick survey Cheech,and command the man to kill him.In the background of the show, Cheech was killed.But before he dead, he told David the last line, the drama became more successful. Even,the gunshot from Cheech's death been known as wonderful stage effect.
David was successful and returning to Alan.
After all the film, the style of the 1920s was unusually obvious, actually Oliver palyed by Jennifer Tilly,Hellen palyed by Dianne Wiest.The noble temperament and gorgeous costume was very desirable.
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